Posted on Leave a comment Supporting the Veterans Community recently completed the pressure washing of veterans memorial in Andover, ma 01810. The project consisted of using HOT WATER along with cleaning agents and proper pressure to remove the moss and mildew. It also gave Pressure Washed a chance to show off one of there new surface cleaners! Surface cleaners are used on commercial sidewalk areas along with pool decks and brick pavers. They help to properly clean and remove all dirt and gum without causing streak marks.  

When talking with Pressure Washed owner/founder Timothy Cox we asked what made him get into this industry?  He replied, “after selling my prior company,, I was able to take some time off and did a little soul searching for my next move. Once I started researching the washing industry I just really fell in love with it! The rest is kinda history and here we are.” 

Cox also mentioned at the end of our interview that there was no charge for this job. He said that more veteran memorials are on the companies radar for clean up! None of which will have a charge associated with the work.

For more details about check them out online!

It’s safe to say keep an eye out in 2019 for Pressure Washed coming to a neighborhood near you!