Exterior Condo - Apartment Building Washing

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There is a reason property managers and owners are calling PressureWashed.com!

Our many years performing pressure washing services in apartment communities and condo building settings has allowed us to dial in our processes and overcome the many obstacles and issues commonly encountered when performing exterior cleaning in a community setting. At Pressurewashed.com we are ready to complete your project On-Time and In budget!    

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Using a Soft Wash cleaning technique that will avoid harming your wood or vinyl siding, we also use cleaning agents that will not harm or destroy your plants or landscape!   Its very important when cleaning vinyl or wood not to use high pressure!  Soft washing is the only correct process to properly clean your Home, Condo or Apartment community.   

At pressurewashed.com we have years of experience performing services in apartment and condo communities. We know how important it is to not only complete the job in a timely manner but also working around the residents! Together with Management and your maintenance staff we coordinate the most effective plan possible for getting the job done!


high areas

High areas! No problem! Using lifts and specialized equipment we can reach areas of 50-100 feet.  While cleaning is one of our biggest priorities, safety is top on the list! All of our staff is trained to properly use all lifts and equipment in higher elevation locations.

hot water

Using HOT WATER to clean has many benefits!  For instance you don’t use cold water to clean your dishes!  For a deep and effective clean we use hot water with temps between 200-300 degrees. One of the biggest benefits to this is it attacks and kills any moss/mildew and helps prevent its return for a longer period of time!

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